Week 9 – Let’s get some ideas down

So I’ve been sketching out some logos for the project, as well as a general idea of what I think it should look like. I am starting with the name ‘Project Walkabout’, to reflect the fact that one of the key aims of this project is to explore people to walk around Fremantle more. I’ve made a mindmap of both ‘Walkabout’ and ‘Fremantle’ in order to generate some ideas

It's pretty easy to tell there's alot to do in Fremantle....

It’s pretty easy to tell there’s alot to do in Fremantle….

Then I started sketching up some ideas. After I visited Fremantle, I realise I have the option of going two ways. Either I go with a classic Fremantle architecture kind of look, or I pick on the the alternative street-art vibe that permeates the city. With the Walkabout theme I also have an option of taking an Aboriginal style route, but I’m not sure if that will communicate the wrong message (i.e. that this is an indigenous pop-up shop). However, I did play around with the idea of footprints for awhile. As you can see, I’m still tossing up between calling this ‘Project Wander’ or the ‘Freo Wander’.


I also played around with the idea of having some sleek colourful shapes, as shown below:

While I like the bright colours, I don't think it feels quite 'Freo' yet.

While I like the bright colours, I don’t think it feels quite ‘Freo’ yet.

I also played around a bit with what the pop-up shop will look like. I have taken a look at pre-fab modular pop-up shop designs like the ones offered by popshopolis.com. They offer modular pre-fab kits like the one below:

I need to ensure that the project is easily achievable. A pre-fab pop-up shop will make things easier to construct, as well as being more environmentally friendly. (Popshopoils, n.d.)

I’ve decided to make the store as simple and open as I can to make it feel more ‘outdoor’ then ‘indoor’. After all, a major aspect of a market is the outdoorsy nature of that, and while I want to protect the stores merchandise from the elements, I also want to make it seem as welcoming as I can.

Store concept - it's pretty simple so far

Store concept – it’s pretty simple so far

Overall, I’m not that happy with the direction of the branding just yet. I think I will need to work on it some more.

Fig 1: Popshopolis (n.d.). Modular Systems [Image]. Retrieved from: http://www.popshopolis.com/servicescustom-


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